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P.H.U. Ralfmax provides repair services for gearboxes for trucks, buses, construction machinery and agricultural tractors. We are fully equipped to regenerate all types of gearboxes, we regenerate manual and automatic gearboxes, we approach each client individually and with great care regardless of whether it is a complete repair or just a gearbox seal.      

The customer who uses our services can count on the transport of the gearbox to our workshop. After dismantling and verification of damage, we present a cost estimate with a list of parts and the type of work needed to regenerate the gearbox. By working with the best parts suppliers in the country and abroad, most parts are delivered to us within a few hours, which allows us to shorten the gearbox repair time to even one working day. Every gearbox that leaves our service is carefully checked and tested. Our workshop is equipped with the highest quality specialist equipment and tools of the best brands, which allows us to perform repairs in a fully professional manner at the highest world level. We also have special stands for handling trucks, buses and construction machinery, so that the customer can deliver to us the whole vehicle and we will take care of it comprehensively, i.e. we will diagnose the fault, dismantle the gearboxes, repair, install the crates again in the vehicle and deliver the vehicle ready for work.

            We also carry out non-standard repairs such as transformation of a vehicle with automatic gearbox to manual gearbox, repair of gearboxes in specialized vehicles, military and rail vehicles. It is our priority to have the vehicle or gearbox repaired as soon as possible, so we perform every repair at an express time.